PVs Séances Comité

Comité 08.04.2022

2022 04 08

Silvan, Martinha, Martin, Malcolm, Diana, Luana


– gymnasium student


A friend of Claire’s brother asked if his 16 years old son can come for 4 weeks for an internship, mostly for learning french. Question is : is it something we can accept by principle? Malcolm’s point is to check on the person’s desire and then to see if it makes sense to learn French in a place where we speak mostly english. 
Silvan thinks it makes sense and could be nice for the house. Martinha agrees with Malcolm, she thinks the person should maybe visit first and then see what the motivation is. She also mentions that if the person comes as « au pair » or something like this, it is Claire and Malcolm’s decision and not the association’s.

Decision : invite the person to come and see if he’s interested in the project and wants to come for longer. 


Martinha and Silvan wish someone uses the wagen while they stay in Portugal but didn’t really feel comfortable to have it be an extension of the foyer. After thinking they decided they would like to leave it in the MM. It would be free to use for long residents but not for short residencies. It takes a lot of care and explanations for the person who uses it, which is why it has to be someone who stays. Diana would like to try to live in it. If it doesn’t fit her she offers to take care of it anyway. They would be gone at least for three months (may june july). They will come back before september. Martin thinks it’s really nice for the MM to take care of it and use it anyway, maybe as an atelier.

Silvan says it can be used and it feels good to know the people who use it and to know that it is under the care of Diana and maybe Martin, or at least connected to them in a way. Silvan and Martinha will leave it as empty as possible.

If the commune asks us to move it, (probably they would give some time to do it like at least a month), we should call Martinha and Silvan and they would figure out a solution.


The one we have now will soon be gone. It wasn’t bought but offered by Nyima’s parents. Do we need a new one, should we buy one ?
Should we keep the plaques and wait until we have a new one ? 
The question is how much would we use it and for what ? We have to think if the MM as an association really needs it. At the moment it’s mostly used on a private level. The recup for example could still happen without a car. Is it really a priority at the moment considering the other costs we have to manage?
It is mentioned that because of the non sharing of cars that is the habit so far we end up with a lot of cars instead of one. The point of having a car is for the association but also for people to use it and share it instead of having each his own car. 
We need to check if Claire and Malcolm would feel the need of a car and would buy one, then it would make sense to reconsiderer and discuss the way we do with this car topic and then decide if the association buys one.

Martin suggests that we could discuss with the car’s owners about taking care of it, and maybe the association could buy one of those. One of the issues of sharing a car is the priority of use that can have people prefer to keep their own car so that they know they can count on it. 

Décision : the conversation has to be taken with the people who actually use the cars and some are not here today. 


Martin wrote an open call for people to join us. He will put it in the drive so that we can check and add things etc. 


It turns out that the increase of the bank’s loan for autobuilding renovations will be easier to get than we thought. We won’t have to go through the whole brainstorming with experts and detailed renovation’s plan. We only need to send a quite short document to the bank, which is almost ready (only waiting for Nicola’s Strambini signature). We will then very soon have the final decision of the bank. The chances are very high that we can buy the house even before having donations from foundations.


It is now officially very available.