PVs Séances Comité

Comité 09.02.2022

Réunion 09 02 2022

Présents: Chloé Malcolm Silvan Martinha Claire Martin Noé Viki Alvin Diana Olivia


  • AG: tracktanden AG, articles

  • Logo

To do next time:
  • comiteams: politburo, photo, buranderie

  • Money Issue
  • Foyer talk
  • Moneymeter
  • Alleman 
  • Party 2022



AG group meets this afternoon
Meeting briefing etc on Saturday 12 at 10 am. To set up the zoom, photoshoot of the committee, technical things and organize precisely the AG.

Malcolm sends a little paragraphe about the goals of the association that we have to review and discuss before the AG
Malcom helps Martinha to translate to French.



Marthinha presents a new logo. Its the final version and she doesn’t want to change it. She doesn’t want to give it to someone else to do the modifications.
Martinha will bring it to a computer version with a friend designer or someone form the house

Several people, though respecting Martinha’s point of view, are disappointed about not being able to do more changes.



Poliburo: agreement with owners that we will have the money to buy the house in June and buy in in September

Its an open space, use it! Buranderie comiteam will bring proposals to comitee.