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Comité 09.12.2021


Claire : Modération


Secondaire :

-Homo hibernatus

-General assembly

-2nd meal a week

-Shuffle prt II

Framing of the Big discution

3 distinct discussions:

–   1)what am I bringing to the project? Why did I come here?

individual declaration // stating things

–   2)Reboot of the vision

–   3)Concrete action

4 to 6 months to buy the house! Urgence!

Claire phoned people she thought would fit:

–   Manuela Habegger / expert / neutre / 1000.-

–   Caroline De cocola / non-violent / already knows the Matrix-House / ?.-

Is moderation needed? Who’s in?

Alvin: Doesn’t feel we need a professional, we need a moderator.

Martina: We need a moderator / external if possible! It should help

Victoria: Yes but maybe not the super pro

Malcolm: challenge on organization of teams, it’s a crisis of the management of the project.

We need a professional to deal with. Thrilled to learn also how to do it in further situation. Worth it to spend the money.

Noé: It should be fast! We need a professional but we need to do it next week!

Malcolm: We’ll win time if there’s a moderator.

Chloé: proposes to keep the kids for the big discussion.

Claire: we need a moderator, it has to get going.

Sylvan: moderator is a nice idea (caroline), it’s expensive! If people are convinced he would follow.

Martin: ?

Martina: discussion about the political background, she would follow the move.

Victoria: If Claire Malcolm (the root of project) feel like we have to pay the pro mod, she’s up

Malcolm: Professional

Everybody agrees that we need to create a positive atmosphere to get going. Claire Malcolm

Téléphone avec Manuela:

La première séance sert de devis (200.-)

Rdv 10.12 / 10h Malcolm, Claire, Martin

                    17h Claire, Alvin, Noé

Réu avec les enfants (4personnes restantes/ M,C,N,A)

Malcolm : les réus avec les gamins sont fatigantes, on perd en efficacité

Claire : vu les circonstances et l’urgence, il faut essayer de faire sans les enfants et essayer avec les enfants quand on sera mieux organisé au sein du collectif.