PVs Séances Comité

Comité 14.09.2022

sebastien, manu, malcolm, valentin, diana, maria – ayini, claire, nyima, luana, pedro, + iklos + gregoire
médiateur : malcolm
notes : claire
fyi info : max is not coming anymore. manu has just moved in. the bank is processing our credit demand. 2 fondations have given a total of 250’000.-. bradley the new au pair is moving in this afternoon (until january). sebastian has started a 3 months residency about paper making. 
# feeling round
# tractanda
  • hanna staying : is it an option for the collective ?
  • maria-pedro-ayni coming in october
  • sebastian’s installation
  • ALL OF THE ABOVE bring space discussions that may not be solved today
  • clean up : coordination
  • fOrum poster exhibition project
  • bank update
# group sweep
# tractanda
  • bank update : we are waiting to be informed about the bank decision for our credit demand, should be coming soon, meeting was yesterday 
  • fOrum poster exhibition : to #communication and #events. could be an occasion to communicate & party about the acquisition
  • maria & pedro & ayni coming to the house : the family came so maria could give a workshop for the jamjamchicasx, and again spontaneously a few days after, taking advantage of maria’s bassist’s gap days to stay at the MM and record. both claire&malcolm and maria&pedro reached out to the other family with the idea that maria&pedro&ayni could move in the MM.
    maria : community life is important, with art & childcare as strongpoints. discrepances in the music community in NY w. regard to values & reality clashing, and women in the jazz scene experience. moving to EU made sense once Ayni was born, looking for a place, first stop Spain. MM felt like home : vulva cups, jamjamchicasx discussions, the way malcolm&claire&sebastian interact w. their children (no yelling, learning from kids, no screen reflex). we don’t know everyone, but the place is beautiful and we would be honored wo be welcomed in this community.
    pedro : it’s a privilege and honour to be sharing at the MM, I feel strongly about uniting over art and taking care of a new generation. i have lived in community for the last 15 years, mostly indigenous, throughout the americas. my community is called colibri. my art evolves around traditional practices. i think it can be wonderful to collaborate.
    valentin : i haven’t met pedro, but i have a good feeling and i could walk you around.
    diana : i’m happy for you and malcolm&claire and the community, it’s very good news for me. welcome.
    luana : i feel the same. it’s quite difficult sometimes at the MM so your experience with communities will be useful. i’m also touched about how you speak about children. looking forward to meet you more.
    manu : it was so good to be around you when you were around the house. just one thought : 2 families in the house, and i don’t have a family, i have no children, and i wonder what it’s going to be like. 
nyima : i don’t know pedro and maria a lot, but from what i’ve felt with them i think it’s a perfect match, really. i know malcolm & claire really well. and i’ve been out of the house for a year now, still always connected with the heart. but i think you bring this ceremonial, traditional, love that was lacking in the house in my view, and the fact that you are a family is certainly really nice for the family that’s already there.
iklos : i’ve not heard, i don’t know what you want to bring to the house. i’m surprised because you told me about Le Locle house. second family, solid base.  i think you fit perfect. things must be put in place en amont so that things that happened before don’t happen again (i wasn’t part of) cf : fundamentals of the house were questioned and it was troubled. more about that from malcolm : the house is a project, not just a community. a situation came from lack of orientation or knowledge about the directions the house has already taken when two lovely people came with strong propositions and questioned the purpose of the house maybe a bit too soon before they could evaluate what the house was about. therefore a #preliminary discussion about what the project is so far and how you see yourself fitting in the MM project, and what could be adjusted if necessary etc.
sebastian : i’ve not been here for long and i’m staying until november. i’ve understood that there is a wish to open the house to other things than music, and because maria & pedro have their own networks i think it could be great in that way. for the community, a second family in the house will create a kind of children community inside the house, yet another interface that’s interesting. i see that potential conflicts will be turned into opportunities to learn & grow. 
malcolm : there’s a difference between parenting and non-parenting people : routines, timing etc. being isolated as parents and a family in the MM has been tough. with maria coming in, on top of another family, we would have an “age continuum” with maria 30 and pedro 40, i think that’s a strength factor for the community. your take on spirituality is of value to me, although my past with a strong spiritual take has left me with a need to keep distances. the power of spirituality taken by individuals in a negative way etc. but when i play piano, i say i play – spirituality is important to me. but i was always reluctant to bring my spirituality to the table because of my fears. so i’m grateful that you could bring this to the community, and i know i can translate whichever way spirituality is brought.
claire : collective gut feeling is positive. discussion about the great scheme of the house a necessity. 
maria : temperature readings. perhaps a method to run the next reunions. i feel like things are gonna come up and that #temperature readings are a frame to have healthy discussions and healthy conflict. 
  • clean up upcoming saturday : #organize clean up over telegram with iklos and others
  • hanna staying : hanna could stay, as a host of malcolm&claire’s family, doing some housework while someone else does the au-pair work (bradley). 1) the collective must agree (or not) to host this young person together, even though malcolm&claire’s household would take most of the hosting. 2) the space distribution must be worked on. nyima : maybe hanna could find her way out of the house on another job. luana : i think it’s a question of whether we want to take responsibility in hanna’s path. maria : it’s a fine line between taking care of someone and being codependent. i would think that hanna needs to be active, bring something. i’m comfortable with her working, but not with her being victimized and taken care of. claire : we need to have a meeting with her. malcolm : role of people in the house w. regard to project is at stake. maria :  could we hold a #childcare conversation ? including everyone, not just parents. i don’t consider that children are parent’s responsibility in general. pedro : i feel compassion for hanna, i can offer an encounter, with her and everyone, i think personal decisions affect the whole and vice versa, and that difficult decisions can be made that bear fruit for everybody in the long term.