PVs Séances Comité

Comité 15.11.2021

Réunion 15 novembre 2021

Présents: Martinha alvin Chadi sylvan Vicky malcom claire Noé Diana Chloé

Schmouch schmouch round



Marthinha orders tomorrow Friday 16th at 10am. Anybody is welcome to go to it with her, or just trust her to order for the house. A big part of the 400.- budget will go on cleaning products. 



Malcom mentions that his point wasn’t to say that nobody is doing nothing. He expressed what he was feeling.

Marthinha finds the letter to fit the impression she had of the place when she came.
—> proposes to find ways to break the hierarchy and to make things more horizontal.

Round of how everybody receive the letter.
—> motivation to change

Weekly meeting —> we try every Thursday afternoon at 2pm! 

Make teams for each topic —> garden, studio, food, whatever etc… // reprendre les sous-commissions

Letters: everybody write his letter like Malcolm, to be ready for the meeting on the 25th. Would be nice its it’s ready a few days before so we can read all the letters before.