PVs Séances Comité

Comité 19.11.2022

19 novembre 2022 10h
Marou, Malcolm, Claire, Brigitte, Adélaïde, Sébastien, Maria, Pedro, Valentin, Julien

Notes : Julien
Modération : Marou

# 1 minute of collective breathing

Sum-up of current questions:

  • Mme Gasser situation > Covered 
  • Work organisation, ClickUp 
  • Mixing desk sell/keep
  • Renaming the Mexique & the Barbook
  • Event program
  • Sweat lodge project
  • Electricity fixes before feb
  • Detergent
  • Telephone number permanence MM
  • Cleaning & maintaining wood machines

# Mme Gasser 

Summarizing by Claire: Hoping that the whole project is funded by gifts. At this point we financed the acquisition through one big donation. Attraction for gifts: exemption from taxes. Public utility has been refused so far because individuals are “benefiting” from the house. Notary is a competent counselor in this case. The house is in limbo at this point, not registered to us yet.

The idea: the association would rent the first floor apartment to external people at the price of the market. Signing a contract to the association as individuals grouped together, paying the rent. Making the money go a certain way, that looks right. Show that we’re not “profiting” from the house. And that money is then destined to public funding activity. 

Maria, question: The money can be used for paying the mortgage?
Malcolm: Yes, money destined to all association activities. 
Claire: Any hidden catches for us in this process?
Maria: Legal obligations landlords of tenants? We’re going to be both at the same time? Résiliation conditions?
Malcolm: The landlord is the entire association.
Valentin: I think everyone is aware that Malcolm was paying the full rent and the donations were helping cover the rest. Is it just on paper that we pay the market price of the room, or are we actually going to do it? I think would be cool and fair. But maybe some people were giving smaller donations that the market price of the room they occupy.
Claire: Two different questions. One is “looking the proper way” on paper for the funding, the second: how does this conversation prompt the general question of finances at the MM. We might not be able to do this “montage” if we don’t agree on stuff.
Malcolm: We can rent the first floor as a group of people all together. In that case, everyone that has signed is responsible for everything. We could also rent separate apartments, separate rooms, separate contracts. In any of these models, the prices have to be fitting the market, so that there are no suspicions re: funding. Worth noting that with the price of apartment & rooms, potential to cover all expenses. Personal electric consumption has to be separate account. Are we satisfied the way things are? Whole thing is dependent on my contribution, not a problem for me but for the association. Were I to move out, the association would have a problem. For the sustainability of the project, we should move to a different model. I’ll happily contribute in ways that exceed my personal consumption, used for developing and extending. With this model people living in the house are paying more than what they consume, that fits the picture we need to give Mme Gasser.
Maria: With 600.- reduction on the rent, we could manage 2500.- for the whole first floor. Quick calculation: 8 room thing, rent would be somewhere between 300.- / 400.- a month. Personally don’t know if it’s a good idea to set a fixed rent, but could be an aim to have the guarantee for something like an equitable share.
Marou: Question. Do we cover only this subject? Do we agree? Maybe separate meeting about this.
Claire: Can we already have a vote, see if we agree on this model, or “twist”?
Marou: All say if we agree or not?
Sébastien: Two levels here. Non-eligibility and eligibility. Rent stuff: external things we should agree on, need to know if we are ready to accept this. How are we going to deal internally to fulfill this request. Issue of today: to what extent can we accept the situation? Decision to take today: “forced” into situation to kill the non-eligibility criteria. 
Brigitte: not sure if I understood everything but I agree on the general idea
Sébastien: If there is a need of accounting evidence that money transfer first floor is rent, on my side no traces of the money I gave as “rent”, or “gift” – but I can retroactively make it one of those.
Claire: Let’s do the subsequent conversation safe and softly. So far so good. It’s true that the project is vulnerable while depending mainly on Malcolm. Time and space to get there. 
Julien: Let’s do what it takes. Also check in with Manu who is not present.
Malcolm: She did say ok before

Everyone present agrees do adopt the idea

Marou: Practically? Check the specifics we have to provide for Mme Gasser.
Claire: Open a “rent” bank account, make a contract. Entire floor, separate apartments?
Anyone wants to work on that specifically?
Marou: Happy to work on it. Deadline?
Claire: Mme Gasser phone call on Monday. Happy to be on that team too.
Malcolm: I have models prepared.

Meeting will be set up for this issue specifically 

# Detergent

Claire: I have been providing different cleaning detergents. “Consommables”. So far we haven’t centralized this, been individual. I care that they are eco-responsible. Have had my eyes on a brand. Would we want to decide to finance laundry and washing machine detergent collectively? We could make an order, with a couple people involved, would like some assistance on this.
Malcolm: Shows we need separate accounts, comptabilité. Distinguishing expenses. > next meeting
Valentin: Idea, buy a big bottle with community money and everyone who uses the money gives a contribution. Give according to how much you use it?
Marou: We can save it for the dedicated meeting.
Sébastien: Good to centralize this. 

# Work organisation 

Malcolm: Do we agree to have a weekly meeting to distribute tasks, work. 
Claire: Important we get to work and set a space for that. Group motion, need to be on it all the time. “Decision time” and “work time”.
Marou: Smaller work groups, can we make decisions?
Claire: 3 people minimum in the law of the association, and seeking consensus as much as possible. In practice, for less important stuff or where we have already had consensus, it’s ok. When a decision in presented, 48 hour timeframe for everyone to respond.

Claire: Setting an ideal meeting time
Pedro: Preferably morning
Marou: Earlier than 10?
Pedro: With the kids not easy.
Claire: Mid-morning preferable.
Marou: 2hour meeting
Claire: separate meetings and group work time
Malcolm: very beginning or very end of the week, looking back and planning ahead. Friday or Sunday.
Marou: Would prefer Friday.
Brigitte: Not a good day for me.
Claire: I like Sunday morning, culturally, lowest point of activity, rhythm we’ve bathed in.More relational, caring thing.
Marou: We have Aliziers on Fridays! Maybe try Sundays then. Or Fridays 9am.
Claire: 9.15am
Malcolm: Friday at Aliziers, can also be temporary residents sometimes.
Pedro: Sunday sharing days, temperature reading, maybe every two weeks?
Claire: Improvised MM concerts, also a meeting spot. 
Malcolm: Every last Sunday of the month.
Claire: Put the two in the same category, en tandem.

Temperature readings on first and third Sunday of the month, improvisation on the fourth Sunday of the month > adopted

Malcolm: Adding scheduled event, activity for the collective, the bimenstruel, individual presentation, “club”.
Claire: More flexible. Depends on the person presenting. 
Marou: Duty to pass it on.
Claire: Physically set up a board, to have an overview of these. Julien could do it? 
Julien: Yes!
Malcolm: Stick portraits of people on magnets for the board
Claire: Have everybody to their own? Atelier for that purpose. Visualisation of tasks and assignments.

Agreed that next meeting is Friday morning 9.15 AM

Malcolm: In preparation for next meeting, looking at existing resources, think about it, availability, bucket of energy and time. What are the available forces. 
Claire: We all ask ourselves the question of personal investment, time, energy, schedules.
Malcolm: Yes and write it down somewhere. Google document.

Thank you everyone!