PVs Séances Comité

Comité 25.11.2021

Réunion 25 novembre 2021

Présent: Chloé Vicky Claire Noé Silvan Martinha Alvin Malcolm


 1. Informations and understanding of the project

centralized information —> board and booklet
decentralized informations —> notes on every object that needs, etc…
Video —> fake arrival of residencies?
Meeting the people on the spot —> official visit, cup of tea, etc…

Membership of the association —> before coming to house. Creating seriousness, and make sure that the people coming understand what the project is.
So when someone new wants to come:
 ⁃ Matrix house is an association, open to anyone that wants to join
 ⁃ Please read/call us to know what it’s about. To become member of the association you agree on the project.
 ⁃ Then you can book a residencies

Martinha will take care of the board

 2. Housewifes shared shores

Claire and Martinha will list the things that they do.
Alvin and Noé keep on working on the dossier thing that is linked to the shared shores


4/5 categories:
 • Des objets donnés à l’association. Ces objets sont là pour toujours, et à disposition des résidents temporaires.
 • Des objets prêtés à l’association pour une durée plus ou moins indéfinie. Ces objets sont à disposition des résidents temporaires, mais pas pour toujours. Il se pourrait qu’ils disparaissent d’une de vos résidences à l’autre. 
 • Des objets appartenant aux membres permanents mais qui ont leur place dans les lieux communs. Merci de demander l’accord de leur propriétaire avant de les utiliser.
 • Des objets appartenant aux membres permanents qui se localisent dans leur quartier privé (chambre et appartement) et sont censés y rester. Demandez à leur propriétaire si vous pouvez les emprunter. 

 ⁃ Make a list of material that could be used because permanents residents have them that could be used if you ask
 ⁃ Make a list of material belonging to the association that someone is using and not putting back

 3. Noé and Malcolm creates the lists of material and agenda and usage and etc…
 4. Noé takes the lead on organizing the marking, stickers, labeling, with help of Martinha, Claire and more


 ⁃ Maybe arrival of the Though Cookie Moscow Mom (Marina Sobianina) with her kid ?? Claire offers her to come check the house.
 ⁃ Vicky can go to exchadi’s house.

Big Shuffle:

Slowing this process will not slow down what’s happening in the foyer —> loss of foyer working space for a common space and pushing residents in the barbook.

Big Talk

3 kind of space: Working / Collective / Private.

To do for next talk:
 ⁃ List of all the other working place and what’s need to be done
 ⁃ List of all the other collective place and what’s need to be done
 ⁃ Print map of the building to work on next meeting

All agreeing on: we should try first before saying it’s not possible.

Nyima proposes to connect it with the general assembly.
No, because too many people will be away on vacations/etc

We should start organizing it.

Silvan proposes – Drum Circles! Christmas Choir!
Retours des bimenstruelles
Martinha is gonna take care of the calendar –> easier to plan and schedule events in the house

VERY IMPORTANT We forgot a point in the meeting:

Wednesday is the day of « ramassage des gros objets ». With Martinha we would like to take this opportunity to get rid of a lot of the broken/useless/etc stuff around and in the house.

For this we would need two things:
1) get the infos of how it works, if we need to buy some stickers to put on the object, or if we have to bring them somewhere, etc…
2) on Tuesday (or another day before that) – a group of people that would go around the house, identify object that we wanna get rid of and bring them to the street. 

Do you agree with that plan and if yes do you wanna be part of it and how?