PVs Séances Comité

Comité 27.07.2022

Noé, Max, Malcolm, Claire, Iklos

Claire prend les notes
Malcolm modère
  1. magic mushroom
  2. iklos 
  3. max questions regarding private possessions/public spaces
  1. Valentin cultivates mushrooms with psychedelic effects. Malcolm and Claire know about it, Malcolm also knows from Valentin himself that he makes preparations with the mushrooms that he sells. Malcolm expected the culture to be done in his car and is surprised to find out it is in his room.
    Given Valentin bears no responsibility with regard to the house (he’s not on the rent contract), and given magic mushrooms are illegal (regardless of his opinion on the topic).
    Remarks : Noé has had knowledge of previous occasions of mushroom culture for personal use – we note that that is not the same as drug dealing.

    We vote on the following questions :

Make a point about drug consumption and culture in the charter. Motion accepted unanimously.

We request that Valentin take his mushroom cultures meant for dealing out of the house to protect the MM asap. Motion accepted unanimously.

Considering the reputation of the MM with regard to the cultural association between drug consumption and the art scene, considering the moment in time where we are about to acquire the building, drug culture, whether legal or illegal, both in collective and so-called private spaces should not be accepted at the MM. Motion accepted unanimously.

The Committee will inform ourselves to find out more about drug consumption in public spaces, events etc.,. It will be the topic of a future reunion. Iklos va le faire quand il vient. 
  1. Iklos comprend la discussion par rapport à la résidence et la permanence. Il est touché par l’amitié qu’on lui porte. Financièrement il réaffirme qu’il pourrait rester chez ses parents, et qu’il prévoit de contribuer financièrement. Il mûrit encore un désir en cours de progression qui consisterait à créer un écovillage, et voit désormais un séjour à la MM comme une opportunité d’apprendre au sujet de la vie en collectif. Il viendra prochainement à titre amical, et poursuivra la discussion à la MM avec Malcolm et Claire.

  2. Max has raised several questions in the MM chat.

    a) The question of a classical private economy, with services provided at the MM against payment, is not currently answered, and still an open one. The Economy Telegram Group is there to make that discussion happen, in connection also with the Label Maison-Matrice concept.
    There have been examples of private lucrative activity in the house : Noé recording and mixing for people inside the house, both in the studio and his room – a service provided against a free donation ;  Malcolm teaching his students at the MM – a service for which he is salaried ; countless residents fixing songs and shows that they sell on the stage circuit outside or get subsidized for.
    Noé se souvient d’une ancienne discussion de l’époque où Frédérique était là encore, avec la question de la régularité, de la flexibilité de l’activité lucrative personnelle et de son empreinte sur la MM.
    Iklos reminds of the irreducible financial needs of the MM, and how these are communicated and clarified.
    Max suggest that we set up debates about the economy question, possibly live at the MM, not only to solve the question per se but because public debate is the tool for everything and needs a space to develop.
    Malcolm recommends all to invite people in the Economy Telegram Group.

    b) Car parking space / Rule of belongings on collective ground being donations to the MM ? 
    Malcolm’s take is that the MM is a collective space for MM users. It aims at being a public space too : public events etc., in this regard, clearly parking spaces are public.

    c) What happens to private belongings stored in the collective space during a permanents : can we take them back ?

    Reminder of the current agreement : nothing is left behind after a residency, whether permanent or temporary, for the MM is not a storage. Exceptions are dealt with individually (example : Steinway piano from Daniel).

    Individual objects stored in the collective space during a temporary residency : nothing special, they remain private. Motion accepted unanimously.

    About individuals wanting to store objects in collective space during a permanent residency : a paper discharge is signed between the individual and the Committee, that specifies that the MM accepts the storage in the collective space for the duration of the storage/permanent residency and that the MM is not liable for the object with regard to damage. Motion accepted unanimously.

    These 3 points should be added to the Charter by the Committee. Claire va le faire. 
  1. Malcolm brings up Daniels’ many instruments, currently stored in the MM (Steinway, percussion, Rhodes, Tuba without a mouthpiece). Should we inform Daniel of the changes to the Charter and demand that we update conditions ? Motion accepted unanimously. Malcolm s’en charge.