PVs Séances Comité

Comité 01.04.2020

Protokoll vom 01. April 2020
avec Malcolm, Noé, Alvin, Claire, Laura, Nyima
Topics Instagram acc Vision of this place- creation of statutes for foundation
Instagram: Content is about sending a vibe of dynamic nature. all pictures „should“ include some kind of (hidden) activity. Social media management: Laura & Nyima

Creation of Statuten: How do we see this place, what is our vision for this place? What ideas do we want to communicate? What do people expect from our statuten?
Laura: This place is about Music and art. Welcoming for artists, „feel good“ inspires, helps creating art. Constant exchange between generations, interactions between the arts, styles, Hotpot. Protected environment for art.
Alvin: taking time of doing things, a slow down. Either isolate, or focus; possibility to dive deep into something. Notion of participation. Taking care of project. the project itself is also art.
Malcolm: Expanding „art“ as much as possible. Taking care of a thing is called art. What are conditions to call something art? Define art as broad as possible. Include Gardeners, mathematician, philosopher, banker… Another filter: people who come here agree to become part of the collective. Interesting in participating. What place is is upon the people coming, responsibility shared. This is why it could become a nazi place. Everything is free to discuss.
Collective space which is meant as a tool for doing things in a creative way. Essence of art is making links between people Reducing needs=reducing stress. Foundation should only state as general as possible
Laura: anyone who needs space to create is free to come? Would a banker be welcome Linking whatever to whatever.
Malcolm: art is most effective activity to reveal and explore
Laura: This place is an experience of collective, educational effect
Claire: nicht nur zum Nutz, keine Dienstleistung, sondern experience
Malcolm: Everybody who comes here is considered as a designer of the project. Your mojo is is welcome. Whoever you are whatever your thing is it’s welcome here. No matter how much it contradicts/differs from one another. Modular and flexible place. New people who come adapt to people who are already here and vice versa. The only one wo has authority about the art is the artist itself. Form of contribution is left to designer itself.
What is NOT welcome here?
Certain behaviors, attitude, lack of flexibility
No predesigned solutions!: On the initiative of a residency piano gets tuned, not on a phone call by a potential recidency. There is no service provided in a sense of hotel, Airbnb concept.
Example: Writer and heavy metal band. Writer cannot expect (and insist!) on 20h silence per day and heavy metal band can’t expect to play whole night. They must find agreement, communicate and find solution together!
Note: Time is important, need further formulation (Malcolm) more is better to get to know each other, time to react deepen relationship between recidencies and the place and project.
Malcolm: Place is kept apart from marketing/business. Its protected bc it is independent from money making motives. We do not try to sell, still we are polluted with thoughts(?). We have a vivid, strong, stable, resilient place for art creation and social connection. Local economy, free contribution, isolated from monetary dynamics.
Claire: How do we cover monetary need in this project on the long run?
Malcolm: We try to reduce the need. Idea of Foundation is money gets blocked and dedicated to an idea. Foundation gets controlled by the state, which gives a certain stability
“my liberty ends where yours begins” / “my freedom begins where yours end”
we are the link between people and art (inter and intra) collective and protected space to create art in a broad sense secondary we have many things to offer as facility, studio, instruments, etc however, we do not provide service! every recidency is regarded as a designer of the project built upon idea of free contribution; constributions in all forms are freely selectable by each member kept apart from business, marketing and advertisment monetary circulation is as reduced as possible, ideally non- existent