PVs Séances Comité

Comité 16.06.2020

Protokoll 16. Juni 2020
mit Malcolm, Noé, Max, Frédérique, Nyima
BUYING THE HOUSE why we want the association to sign the contract and not individuals: owners (alleged) prespective is wrong; most individuals dont have the revenues to pay for the rent, activly collecting the % each has to pay monthly is impossible. we can only afford this place through the association, where everybody is part of. owners are afraid they cannot legally proscecute sombody, so their afraid.
CONVENTION = relationship to owners as agency manages incomings, renovations, general care taking, elecricity, water agreement is very open transparent on both sides, got updated in may 2020 and changes were made: rent increased + additional work etc…
2 things are wrong in this convention, acc. to Mcm • their basic refrenence point is their fathers income which it mustnt change, therefore numbers are calculated accoringly • in their annual calculation they included a vacancy valued CHF4000. This Calculation is based on FULL RENT=CHF60 000. So, CHF4000 a year is an EXPENSE that get lost on average to vacancy. However, 4000 should be taken off the calculation bc we are renting the whole building so these
1st ANNOUNCMENT Moods Zurich need “press release” asking Max if he can to it bc needs to be in German. He says 1-2 weeks he will send his transciption.
2nd ANNOUNCMENT 8th or 9th of July: srf radio (paradiddle) will come here to interview malcolm in his workingspace +++++ gonna interview our lovely president Frederique.
DUCKS will come in 2 weeks will built them a little bunker -F built pool- river? fences…
STATUTEN Max and Malcolm team up to wrte statuten. Max is valuable in the sense he can formulate things well and his ideas of what the place should be are interesting. Malcolm will create a first draft of statuten (find it under Google drive)