As a visitor to the Maison-Matrice you determine how you want to get involved in the project. For instance, you’re welcome to visit for a few days up to several months. You could become a member of the Association and may even find you’re up for settling in Crémines permanently…

An ecosystem with resources and niches for many species of cuckoos
All residents share usage and care of all workshop spaces: a large laundry room that modulates into painting/sewing/kitchen/coworking space, a wood/metal workshop with some hardware, various rooms & nooks for writing or dreaming, friendly terraces, a soundlab and a sprawling cable network running through the entire building that enables recording from all corners, a book library, an exceptional board game library, a large multipurpose room with projector and grand piano, an large outdoor shelter, vegetable gardens and a magic boudoir overhanging on the river Raus. It’s hard to describe, best you just come around and we give you a full tour 🙂

We also mutualise a few regular bicycles, an e-Bike, a printer, a washing machine… and a bunch of other little things. There’s a small electronic soldering station and a free-shop with clothes & shoes. Lending, sharing and exchanging are a bit of a local sport. 

Permanent residents who stay for an extended period of time share three apartments on the 1st floor. They constitute by default the committee of the association and meet once a week to monitor the affairs of the association. Visitors are welcome to attend and comment, the more we are the smarter.

Temporary residents may become members of the association, and as they come and go they are very welcome to get involved in the day-to-day affairs of the place according to their desire and possibilities. Temporary residents mostly occupy the Foyer, a renovated apartment on the ground floor of the building that overlooks the Raus River.

The philosophy is that everyone participates and contributes freely to the project according to their means and possibilities. No one is technically charged anything. To sustain itself and develop, the project obviously needs money to cover expenses, but money supporting the project is donated freely by it’s members. Of course, money is not enough ! Quality time spent together, work time, skill sharing, 2nd hand equipment, ideas are precious contributions required too. We try to make fire of all wood and wish to share the enjoyment and responsibility of the place between all of us, to make the Matrix House a true by & for and open collective, constantly evolving piece of work.

The Matrix House for visitors
If you want to come spend time at the Matrix House, the Foyer apartment on the ground floor is available. It is rather spacious, with 3 bedrooms that can hold up to 7 people, a dining room, a large lounge/music workshop with a book library and grand piano, and a wood stove to warm things up the cosy way.

Take a look at the calendar on this page to check the availability of the rooms. Depending on the nature of the projects, the house can accommodate several groups of temporary residents simultaneously. Send us a mail with your plans so we can figure things out.

When planning your first residency at the Matrix House
Here’s a couple of friendly tips : plan to visit once in person before your actual residency. The “physiology” of an autonomous project such as the Matrix House is a bit singular and slower in tempo in comparison to standardized commercial interactions for example. So getting to know the place and the people a little beforehand to find your way around practically in advance is going to save you time, and worry, especially if you mean to get a lot of work done with a lot of people in your workgroup during your residency.
Also when you plan your residency, consider the minimum time required for whatever personal project you have in mind, and add at least two extra half-days to your schedule to allow you and your crew to connect with and leave la Maison-Matrice in a gentle & courteous manner.

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They came to the Matrix House:
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