the House

The Matrix House is located in Crรฉmines in the Bernese Jura.
A main bulding dating from the 1890’s that once was a drapery and a biscuit factory now houses 4 apartments and two workshop spaces.

Permanent residents live as flatmates in three apartments on the 1st floor, while the entire ground floor is made available to all association members. Nearby, there is an old wooden sawmill that offers some more space.


The Foyer accomodates temporary residents. This renovated apartment on the ground floor consists of three bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a large living room with a grand piano that doubles as as workshop space.

On occasion, several groups or people may find themselves residing in the Foyer at the same time, which creates opportunities for new links and the broadening of creative possibilities.


The barbook is a large multipurpose room for creating, working and sharing.

Various melodies emanate from the barbook throughout the day. People come here to compose, play, stroll, write, chat or let off steam.

There is a large collection of board games, a grand piano and a recording studio in the adjoining room.


The old sawmill is the space where all kinds of tools are stored to repair, tinker, transform, start something new, get your hands dirty, rework an object.

This is also where the Shelter is located, a small wooden haven that hosts the bedroom of a permanent resident and a common area where one can gather for cosy winter moments near the stove or retreat in quiet suspension above the river.


There are three apartments on the 1st floor of the main building occupied by permanent residents in a spirit of flatsharing.

People travel quite freely from a kitchen or living room to another, and visitors are welcome to pass through.