The Matrix House project is for and by an open COLLECTIVE. As such it is important that not only the use, but also the management and development of the project are shared by all as much as possible.

EVERYBODY can make a financial contribution to cover the currents costs of the house to start with, and to hopefully finance new developments that make it bloom !

EVERYBODY can look up the online “To do list“. You can identify a task you think you could accomplish and get in touch with the committee for more details about that task.

EVERYBODY can also participate actively in one of the work groups and mini think tank reflection groups (where you can also just sit it as an observer). This type of support is particularly welcome. We have organized Telegram chat groups and share files and documents on our Google Drive. Here below is a list of the chat groups with a brief description. Just click on the links to join a given Telegram group. NB : if you don’t use Telegram and want to join one or more groups anyway, contact us ! We’ll find a way to get you in.

Work groupsThink TanksWorks in progress
FoundationSelf ManagementParticipatory Workcamps
CommunicationGift EconomyMaison-Matrice Label
Network & EventsEcological impact & AutonomyRecording Studio
Inclusivity & EquityBoardgame Library
“Buranderie” Workshop

Communication, Press, Website, Social media

This group is about coordinating MM’s communication both internally and publicly and about creating media content in mostly Fench & English, and sometimes German too.

  • website
  • social media networks
  • newsletters
  • press relation
  • graphic design, video production, logo etcโ€ฆ

Network & Events

This group is about further linking the MM up with other regional entities and individual people and about organising freely accessible events of all kinds. Both aim to increase the anchorage of the MM in the local social meshwork.

  • identifying and linking up with (groups of) people in the area that might find an interest in using & developing the MM
  • free markets
  • concerts, exhibitions & other restitutions at the end of residencies
  • workshops for adults & children
  • seasonal parties
  • repair cafes
  • etc….you name it !


This group holds an oversight of residencies at the MM. Reception, follow-up, member list and overnight counts list update.

  • mail dialogue : primary instructions and reservations for incoming residency requests
  • list updates : collecting names & contacts to update MM member list + overnight count list
  • on site check in : chaperoning residents around the house (guided tour) for orientation and making them comfortable, introducing them to the User’s Manual
  • organise a tea/coffee/dinner/firetime hang : spending time to bond & making sure everybody has met everyone
  • instructing residents about the larger picture of the MM – “not a state-financed residency place”
  • facilitating the implication of residents as contributers : helping out with the todos, joining Telegram groups, making donations, giving new ideas
  • concert/restitution if desired : setting time, calling out, preparing a jug of tea/coffee
  • on site check out : checking on cleanliness & tidying up minimals, collecting practical (and other) feedbacks


This group deals with writing the statuses of the future Maison-Matrice Foundation

Self Management

This group is about reflecting on the self management practices at the MM to (better) coordinate and organise work within the association.

  • Weekly Committee meetings
  • Open-to-all ยซ Click-up ยป todo list system
  • Work groups (commissions) & Telegram chat groups

Gift Economy : money money…

This group takes on financial issues of the MM. It is about initiating reflection and seeking new ways of doing things :

  • managing money
  • gift economy experiment. free donation ? donation modalities ? local currency ?


This group is both about reflecting on the way people live together in a place such as the MM and about organising festive and convivial events in the MM. 

  • common meals
  • spontaneous fun parties, jam sessions ๐Ÿ˜›
  • “bimenstrual” sessions : anyone with a passion can offer to host a “fortnightly” meeting, ranging from informational presentations to hands-on workshops through dance intitiation and a book group meeting. It’s about sharing our passions, spending quality time together and getting to know one another, as well as educating one another.

Ecological impact & Autonomy : Resilience

This group reflects on the ecological impacts of the MM and searches for modalities for energetic + food autonomy to increase the overall resilience of the MM.

  • energy
  • food
  • water
  • transports
  • IT

Inclusivity & Equity

Lgbtqia+, gender equality, young & old, etcโ€ฆ

This group is about thinking how to make the MM as inclusive as possible. 

  • adopt gender-inclusive writing
  • construct wheelchair ramps for access wherever possible
  • think about what makes the MM a safe place for all
  • increase outreach and comfort for the eldery & young

Participatory Workcamps

This group is about organising participatory workcamps for the several renovation works needed for the house. The MM needs people who want to help organise the participatory workcamp, or who have practical skills, engeneering knowledge or simply time and motivation to offer to this project.

  • Renovation of the roof
  • Solar thermal water heaters construction and installation
  • Fire isolation of the Barbook to make it accessible to the public

Boardgames Library

This group is about the maintenance and the development of the MM’s magnificent boardgames library (almost 1500 games !). The aim is to get ’em games played.

  • boardgame club organisation
  • events
  • boardgames inventory & maintenance

Recording Studio & Mutualised Instruments

This group is about the maintenance and development of the MM’s music studio.

  • studio gear inventory
  • studio gear maintenance
  • inventory and caretaking of instruments that are lent to MM users (pianos, percussions, drums, some guitars & basses, amps…)


This group is about cultivating vegetables, fruits & herbs at the MM. There are 2 gardens, one with mounds in the South of the property, and one “tunnel” on the North side of the property.

  • vegetable & fruits
  • herbs
  • set up new places to cultivate around the house

“Buranderie” Workshop

This group is about creating a work space for arts and crafts, sewing, etc. in the MM’s former laundry/co-working room (bureau + buanderie (washroom) = buranderie).

Maison-Matrice Label

The MM wishes to create a free price + free of rights label (music, texts, etc). This group should start the reflection, define the steps and the work for this project.