The Matrix is the binder, the culture bath, the fabric. It is the sum of the immaterial structures that underlie our project. It encompasses at the same time our mode of associative organisation, our philosophy and the social network in which our action is embedded.


We are a non-profit association founded at the turn of the 2020 which mutualises a tool-building dedicated to artistic creation according to a definition of Art that is as broad as possible.

Today, our association brings together around 150 people who work and live at the Maison-Matrice on a one-off, periodic or permanent basis. We offer our members whether sedentary or visitors the possibility of sharing the use, maintenance and development of the infrastructures.

In addition to classic associative features, we are committed to the pursuit of certain ethical goals such as reducing our ecological footprint, practicing horizontal governance, resource sharing and free gift economy according to the saying :

from each according to his means
to each according to his needs

We also consider that the project as a whole does not have an ideal form and hope that it will remain in motion to adapt to the initiatives of the members currently involved at any point in time.

The association is open to all those who wish to be part of it. To become a member simply write to us at


Nature of the world – We want to see the world as a fabric, as an entanglement of bonds between objects of apprehension. Reality thus considered is constituted by the sum of the links between objects rather than by the simple sum of the objects themselves.

Definition of Art – Poetry is undoubtedly the most evolved form of language because it alone has the capacity to convey the richness of the world in all its complexity by showing the multiple and infinite relationships existing between each of its constituent elements.

The exploration of these relationships is ultimately the very object of all artistic activity. The artist is constantly discovering unprecedented links between words, sounds, objects, ideas and beings, and through her work she reveals what makes up the essential fabric of reality.

We therefore qualify as artistic in the most general sense of the term, any human activity whose purpose is the discovery, study, or creation of links, whatever their nature. Thus, for example, scientific research and social work are considered as artistic, just as music, poetry or visual arts.

Resilience – The resilience of an ecosystem is proportional to the number of its connections. The more interactions between different elements of a system increase, strengthen and diversify, the more the system in question will be able to cope with stresses of all kinds and to go through challenges with a minimum of damage. What is more, this system will normally be self-enriching. It will tend to continue to increase its intrinsic richness and will gain in strength, flexibility and resilience over time.

At a time when fragmentation and divisions in our societies are a looming threat and considering the challenges posed by the major changes we are collectively facing, we consider that it is urgent to restore bonding in general to a primordial place, to make it the main object of our attention, care and action.


On the premices of the Ancienne Scierie in Crémines, we are trying to establish a place for integrated family life, work activities and cultural exchanges of all kinds. We are open to meet, swap and integrate ideas, resources and skills with anyone who comes to meet us. We also try to integrate our activities into the social fabric at local, regional and supra-regional level.

In 2020, the association launched a Ludo Take Away offer allowing the inhabitants of the village to come and borrow board games free of charge. 

On a regular basis, artists in residence at the Matix Hous offer a performance at the end of their stay and musicians among them have animated the midday meal of the residents of the home for the elderly in Crémines Les Aliziers free of charge. 

A mini music festival and a free market in the courtyard are also planned. All these actions are currently suspended due to Covid. 

On a regional level, we take part in the fOrum Culture which brings together all the cultural institutions and actors in the Jura region, the city of Biel/Bienne and the Bernese Jura. 

Finally, note that members of the association come from all over Switzerland and neighbouring countries.