What do we do?

The Matrix-House is a non-profit association that mutualizes a building in which art* residencies take place. We wanted to create an integrated working and living environment that would be free from the constraints of efficiency and performance, a protected space and time favorable to artistic activities according to *a definition of art that is as broad as possible.

Under Residencies you will find more practical info about the residences, our online guestbook and calendar.

How does it work ?

The collective is open and welcomes anyone who wishes to join. The management of the place is organised on an associative basis, decisions are taken horizontally and the project is in constant transformation, according to the evolution of needs and inspirations. There is no monetary exchange as such. We practice the economy of free gift following the formula: From each according to his means, to each according to his needs.

Find out more about internal structure, the community and it’s philosophy here.

What’s our

long term Vision?

In order to guarantee the goal of the project in the long term, we want to create our own foundation, which will become the owner of the building and represents the values of the Matrix House. The draft of the statutes for the foundation is currently being worked on, in consultation with a specialized notary. The acquisition of the building has several advantages.

Find more info about the Acquisition Project and the Fundraising here.

Why and how to support us

The Matrix House is exemplary in several ways: It is an experimental project that aims to lay the foundation for an alternative production method for the creative industry. In times of crisis, public subsidies to the cultural sector will undoubtedly decrease. It is high time to create autonomous structures that promote artistic creation in the long term.

There are many ways to support us and we welcome each one of them. You can either gift us with your time spent with us, giving thoughts, creativity and ideas or you can donate, any amount welcome. Find info about Free Donations here (attention, there is two different IBAN).