Urgent! The building rented so far by the Matrix House is on sale. Our immediate priority is to ensure a future for the Matrix House and its activities of high intangible value. A minimum of CHF 300’000.- of equity should allow us to buy the building via a foundation. Operating under federal scrutiny, this foundation would guarantee a long term future for philantropic activities in Crรฉmines by possessing the building and renting it out without profit to association pursuing our goals in the broad sense.

27% funded
To this day we have collected CHF 82'091.- of the CHF 300'000.- necessary.

The owners of the building sympathize with the Matrix House and guarantee us a priority of purchase until July 2021. An ethical bank, the Free Community Bank in Basel agrees to grant us a mortgage. In addition to securing the project over the long term, reducing of the current burdens on our non-profit initiative and extracting of the building from private property domain are the additional benefits of this approach.