PVs Séances Comité

Comité 29.07.2020

avec Noé, Frédérique, Claire, Malcolm, Laura, Alvin, Nyima
Todays topics:
Budget prévisionell Call entre Malcolm et Pilou Renovations update forge&reconstruction pont status
Malcolm: we always try to keep Ded away from the work from us try shut him off, conversations are on “hard” topics like contracts etc, but it doesnt work as we have very fundamental different way of handeling things (financially/charisterics…) and to make things work, the relationsship better, we need to develop direct contact with ded and connect with him more personally
Forge + Reopening bridge
Renew an old contract for the area across the river with Greders. Proposing a forge in their small hill and reopen bridge. 70fr/ year Garages 160/month that we don’t use and storage only for Pilou and Ondine. sub renting?
Renovations jusqu’à vendredi
clean cheminée ovens claire&fred empty corridor fridge FIXED sink claire basic conciergerie ramasser pommes and prunes fenetre remplacement on their way mousse terrasse
FINANCES: everybody takes a look at the finance doc on google drive QR code and iban should be put in the Bus and on the website where the bus is reserved find a good way to account the money that is given cash by residents or bus