We are a non-profit association founded at the turn of the 2020 which mutualises a tool-building dedicated to artistic creation according to a definition of Art that is as broad as possible.

Today, our association brings together around 300 people who work and live at the Maison-Matrice on a one-off, periodic or permanent basis. We offer our members and visitors the possibility of sharing the use, maintenance and development of the infrastructures.

In addition to classic associative features, we are committed to the pursuit of certain ethical goals such as reducing our ecological footprint, practicing horizontal governance, resource sharing and free gift economy according to the saying :

from each according to his means
to each according to his needs

We also consider that the project as a whole does not have an ideal form and hope that it will remain in motion to adapt to the initiatives of the members currently involved at any point in time.

The association is open to all those who wish to be part of it. To become a member simply write to us at