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Recycling & barter

As often as possible, we collect unsold items from the grocery stores in the area as a non-profit association. Unsold fruits, vegetables, pastries and processed food products that are past their sell-by date (but not the consumption date) which we then share among everyone at the Matrix House.ย 

This gives us an opportunity to considerably reduce the loss of otherwise wasted products, to lighten the food budget of the people in residence and to improvise common meals with what we can get our hands on.

Once a week during market gardening season, a small delegation of members in residence and permanent staff spend on average tow afternoons per month at the Clef des Champs, a cooperative located in Courgenay (Jura, 30 min by car) growing organic vegetables for over 200 households.

In addition to the pleasure of spending time with our hands in the ground, we enjoy receiving baskets of organic, local and seasonal vegetables with the occasional seedlings and good advice for our Crรฉmines garden to top it off.