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    First Free Market!

    18 avril – 10h à 15h
    Venez participer à la première édition du Marché Gratuit du Clos de la Scie organisé dans la cour de la Maison-Matrice.
    Le concept est simple : le marché gratuit est là pour permettre de faire circuler et de valoriser les objets dont on ne se sert plus, qui sont encore bons à utiliser et que nous ne prenons pas la peine de vendre un à un sur des plateformes ou dans des braderies.
    En pratique : De 10h à 15h, venez chiner et emporter ce qu’il vous plaira de prendre gratuitement ! On apporte les objets à donner le jour même dès 10h. Des tables sont à disposition pour mettre les affaires, mais il n’est pas inutile de les amener dans des cartons ou des sacs qui facilitent l’inspection et la reprise par d’autres personnes. NB : Il faut impérativement passer reprendre ses objets qui n’ont pas trouvé preneur au plus tard à 15h, mais on peut bien sûr s’absenter entre temps.

    Covid : Masque et maintient des distances obligatoires, désinfectant à disposition.

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    Bimenstrual Sessions

    Every other Thursday we hold relatively informal meetings called bimenstrual sessions which are all about sharing our passions and spending quality, relaxed time together. In this way we also get a priviledged occasion to discover more about one another in-depth. We take turns chosing the topic and entertaining one another. It’s all based on the joy of sharing yet quite subtly, these sessions allow us to better understand one another’s sensitivities. What’s more it often much fun and very interesting!
    Someone’s favourite pilates programme, some song you’ve solitarily been working away on the guitar for months, a new and illuminated conspiracy theory, an infallible cooking recipe everyone should have, Krishna Murti’s latest book, Christmas poetry? Anything goes and often comes as a refreshing surprise!

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    Recycling and barter

    As often as possible, we collect unsold items from the grocery stores in the area as a non-profit association. Unsold fruits, vegetables, pastries and processed food products that are past their sell-by date but that are still suitable for consumption which we then share among everyone at the Matrix House. 

    This gives us an opportunity to considerably reduce the loss of otherwise wasted products, to lighten the food budget of the people in residence and to improvise common meals with what we can get our hands on.

    Once a week during market gardening season, a small delegation of members in residence and permanent staff spend an afternoon at the Clef des Champs, a cooperative growing organic vegetables for over 200 homes located in Courgenay (Jura) some 30 minutes away by car.

    In addition to the pleasure of spending time with our hands in the ground, we enjoy receiving baskets of organic, local and seasonal vegetables with the occasional seedlings and good advice for our Crémines garden to top it off.

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    Permaculture Garden

    Thanks to collective work actions, a mini cultivation tunnel and a vegetable garden with permaculture mounds popped up at the Matrix House in 2020.

    After some heavy sweating for the challenging installation of these structures, the first crop yield delighted eyes, hearts and taste buds : cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, herbs, tomatoes & peppers in the tunnel, (very) large salads, kohlrabi, swedes and pak choi on the mounds.

    Most of us are new to gardening, but we keep ourselves interested in the subject and we aim for more vegetable production in the long run. We would like to thank the PAJ* and the Clef des Champs** for their advice and beautiful seedlings.

    In parallel, ther orchard on the property offers greengages, prunes and two varieties of apples along with an opportunity to learn how to make the most of these beautiful fruits – and to share some fruit with the wasps 😉

    *The Permaculture Association of the Jura Arc offered us some advice in exchange for a future concert ! 

    **La Clef des Champs is an cooperative that grows organic vegetables 30 minutes drive away in Courgenay (JU). For a few hours of work a week, we receive beautiful baskets of vegetables and a few seedlings for our garden.

    At the invitation of her colleague Florian Favre, Claire Huguenin created an original song inspired by the moments spent pruning the fruit trees in the orchard. It was broadcasted in the programme “Palabres” produced by the Club Grison JazzChur in the course of the “first confinement” in 2020. Listen to Claire Huguenin, from 19’30”:

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    Boardgames Library

    Nearly 1500 boardgames…

    In December 2019 the association received an exceptional collection of board games by donation. Close to 1,500 colourful boxes made their new nest on the shelves of the Maison-Matrice.

    Board games, games for two, card games, group games, games for children, puzzle games, cooperative games, etc… All categories of players from beginner to highly experienced will find what they need.

    Consult the list of games at the bottom of the page or come and admire it on site. 

    The Matrix-House
    Rue de l’Industrie 65
    2746 Crémines

    Tel : +41(0)794809140


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