Acquisition project

Our aim

  • to raise the necessary equity to acquire & renovate the building in Crémines and
  • to create a foundation which should guarantee the continuity of artistic activities in the broadest sense for the benefit of all.

Participate in the fundraising

All donations go to a dedicated account at the non-profit Free Community Bank Basel. We commit to returning the funds to our donors should the acquisition project not take place.

It is possible to make a donation by TWINT (see code opposite) or to make a direct transfer

IBAN CH83 0839 2000 1578 5930 4
La Maison-Matrice
Rue de l’Industrie 65
2746 Crémines

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More about the Acquisition Project

In order to allow Maison-Matrice to flourish and develop in the long term, we wish to acquire the building in Crémines. A minimum of CHF 300,000 must be raised before July 2022.

  • The value of the project has been estimated by an expert office co-commissioned by Maison-Matrice and the owners.
  • The owners are sympathetic to the project and guarantee us priority purchase until 30 September 2022.
  • The Banque Communautaire Libre, which is distinguished by its ethical requirements, has already agreed to grant a mortgage loan to the maximum of its capacity.

We are thinking long term

We have studied our options in order to allow the project and its overall aim to be sustained over the long term. We therefore plan to create a foundation that will own the building and carry our values in the broadest sense.

In our view, this option has several major advantages :

  • The building will be withdrawn permanently from private property and become inaccessible to speculation
  • Leasing will now be done at cost price, which will free up resources for the development of the renting party
  • Certain requirements formulated in the statutes of the Foundation ensure a continuity of philanthropic activities in Crémines over the long term beyond the existence of the association currently driving the project

Are you curious ?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to know more details about the acquisition project. We also have project presentation documents in extensive (full file) or brief (2 A4 pages) format..

Association la Maison-Matrice
Rue de l’Industrie 65
2746 Crémines
Tel : +41(0)794809140

Thank you to all our generous donors!

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